The future standard
for brucellosis vaccines

Brucellosis can break out at any time:
even here in Europe!

Brucella is one of the major causes of diseases in LatAm, Asia, and Africa, with an average prevalence of 16%.

This devastating disease propagates very easily among mammals, which infect humans; Main transmitters are Cattle and Sheep and Coats.

It is a dangerous and chronic disease, very difficult to treat;

  • Consequences: Abortions, sterility, productivity losses and death;
  • Human cases estimated to be up to 12,500,000 annually;
  • Annual losses go from €535m in LatAm, to €2.0 bn in Africa and up to €3.03bn in India

There are classical vaccines in the markets for over 60 years, but they are inadequate to eradicate the disease;

They are unsafe, being limited its use to young animals and being therefore inadequate for mass vaccination.

Another major problem is known as DIVA problem: Differentiation between infected and Vaccinated Animals. This problem may affetct 20% of the herd, which will habitually end up in preventive culling, causing dramatic troubles and costs.

Latest outbreak: Spain, June 2021

sheep and goat farms affected


animals tested for disease

animals slaughtered